Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back in the Saddle, Again.

So can you guess what happened? Pregnancy, nausea, fatigue, and a month long battle with bronchitis and a nasty sinus infection have kept me both too busy with my 15 month old and household to blog. Not that I haven't been thinking of blogging and wishing for the time! But I've gotten through the worst and am ready to be back on track.

I have a plan. During first pregnancy I was in the mountains at winter time. Cumulatively over the winter we got over 9 feet of snow. And the snow was built on several layers of ice. Needless to say I was in pretty terrible shape from not being able to go outside. This pregnancy is going to be different. Now that I am through being sick, I am going to train, train, train! I have been told by many that being fit helps decrease the pain and quicken the recovery from labor and the postpartum period. So here is my trial: will I be able to tell a difference between the first and the second time of birthing a baby?

I am excited! I am so ready and done with being fatigued and out of shape. So here I go!

Three days a week I will participate with a group of other moms who walk 2.5 miles with their strollers and then do various resistance and weight training exercises. On alternating days I plan on walking/light jogging (cause nothing else helps my rear slim as quickly as jogging). And on the weekends, I will do something active with my hubs!

I will be using to keep track of my workouts and help keep me accountable. :)

See you on the road!