Monday, September 2, 2013

"Oh my goodness gracious..."

That's what my 3 year old said today. "Oh my goodness gracious" echoed from the many times that he has heard me say it. He said it while coming down the hall for breakfast and my husband and I simultaneously looked at each other and laughed.

My eldest has been entertaining us with some really great and clever remarks recently. While eating yogurt, he told his utensils: "Sorry Fork, this is a job for Spoon." He also has become very proficient in the use of the words "because" and "why". Most often he uses them together. And asks again after every explanation which leads to quite a string of information. Until finally, I have to say the much used Mommy Sentence "Because I said so."

And my second born has been entertaining us in an even more frightening way. He is quite the daredevil and has no fear. He isn't afraid of high slides, or climbing the monkey bars (not that he can, but he tries), nor is he afraid of swimming. When dunked under water he comes up spluttering and laughing.

I love them. :)