Thursday, January 3, 2013

Re-purposing Adult Scarves to Child Sized Scarves

I needed some quick scarves for my boys, so I pulled two of my own out of the closet and "repurposed" them! 

Folding them in half, length-wise, I crocheted the two layers together with a contrasting color around the border, leaving a section at the top in a single layer, so the end could be looped through. 

As you can see, I folded the scarf in half, began at the "Y" on the left side, crocheted a single layer around the top loop of the scarf, then joined both sides to create a double-layer all the way down and back up until I reached the approximate length and split to one layer to create a loop on the top. 

(Single crochet with a 7mm (US K) hook)

Now I have choke-free scarves for both of my boys! Much better than wrapping a scarf around and hoping that one brother doesn't drag the other down the hall by the end of it, these scarves resist tightening around the neck, preventing strangulation.

G loves his! 

It stayed on his neck for nearly an hour, and then I only took it off so I could feed him breakfast.

And now I have room in the closet to knit more scarves! ... ;)