Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent, Non-Serious Version, Luke 1:1-25

Luke 1:1-25

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice in Wonderland.  I would not like to emulate this character in other ways, after all, “Off with his head!” is really not a good coping mechanism for stress.  But I do believe that we are called to focus on and believe in the impossible, when we believe in Christ, and the events surrounding His first coming.  And starting before breakfast certainly sets a trend for a faith-filled day!

Zachariah was called to believe an impossibility that directly impacted his own life.  He was in a holy place, the Temple, burning incense to the Lord and praying.  Then, with a fear and awe-inspiring visit from the angel Gabriel, Zachariah was asked to believe that he and his wife, both past child-bearing years, would have a child.  And what a child!  He would be the cause of rejoicing; filled with the Holy Spirit from birth; a forerunner in the spirit and power of Elijah; making ready a people for the coming Lord (Luke 1:13-17). 

So many unbelievable, impossible things! Words from an angel were ringing in his ears even as the incense from the Temple wreathed Zachariah’s head with scented smoke.  Yet what did Zachariah doubt?  His own flesh and age.  And he, a descendant from Abraham and Sarah, questioned God’s ability to bring forth life from an aging womb!  

I am certain that I would not do better than Zachariah, but what if, every time we were given prophecy over our own lives, we answered with doubting questions and excuses as to why it wouldn’t work?  And what if, whenever we questioned, our mouths were made mute and our powers of speech were taken away?  Was Zachariah made mute so he would learn to be still, and know that God is God, and he is not (Psalm 46:10)?  Was it so that Zachariah would meditate on God’s abilities for nine long months before his faith was made complete?  

But we have a ballast of belief in the impossibly wondrous things that are listed in scripture.  For faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ (Romans 10:17).  And so, before breakfast and the pace of this Christmas season distracts you from Him, bring these things to mind.  And rejoice!  For He who has come, is coming again!

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