Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What a lovely day!

After a few hiccups in our morning routine, we were off! K and G in the jogging stroller and Mama with her running shoes on. It has grown cooler and the first hint of fall is in the air. My usual route is about 4.5 miles and this morning we set off, K chatting away about the trees and the cars and the birds and me listening to The Power of a Praying Life.

One ear was open for the chattering of my sons, the other ear was occupied listening to some great encouragement. What a good way to start the day!

We saw a turtle the size of a car tire, we saw a lovely blue heron. And we also watched a tiny turtle eat his breakfast - though the dead bug didn't look appetizing to me, I guess you can't blame him for an easy meal. And the exercise just makes it all so good. Even just walking is so energizing.

So I encourage you to get out of the house! It takes less time than you think. And your investment of energy will be returned and doubled. :)




  1. Do you run the 4.5 miles? I have started walking 1-2 miles about 6 days per week, but I just cannot imagine running so far with the stroller. I did a little run this morning pushing ONE kid and it about killed me LOL. Either way, walking or running, I am impressed with the length of your route! Way to go!

    1. I wish!! ;) I am going to start running soon, though not that far. But yes, it is possible to run with a stroller, though it does depend on the type of stroller! If you don't have a jogging stroller, you should craigslist one! :)

      We walk the miles to the best turn-around-point, which is that far away. If the turn around point was closer, then it'd be a shorter walk. To make it easier, K walks about a mile by himself... which means we meander/stroll and explore for about 30 minutes while he does that. But hey! it means a great naptime! :)

      Miss you, lady! I wish we were closer and could walk together!