Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh! Well Hi!

One month after my last blog post, on December 11th, 2011, our second son was born.

Yes, he's now a healthy 8.5 month old!

The birth experience was amazing, while the month in between my last blog post and the birth was one of the physically toughest of my life. It seemed like, at 8 months pregnant, my world was falling apart. My firstborn got a cold, the whole family got food poisoning, I went into preterm labor due to the food poisoning, and then had several bouts of serious false labor. All the while, the baby was growing like a weed.

Maybe weed is the wrong term. How about football player? Sumo wrestler? No, football player. He was growing like a football player, then. He weighed in at a whole 9 pounds, 4.5 ounces (sound the resounding gong here!). Graced by his length (22"), he didn't appear disproportionately huge. (Ergo, the football player comparison - tall and wide!). In fact, he was so proportionate that we had to weigh him twice before anyone would believe he weighed that much!

And then Life went into warp speed. And here I am, with two handsome and busy boys, a smart and good-looking husband who has just started his undergraduate degree, adjusting to a new way of life in a non-military town!

Looking forward to sharing the rest of the summer and fall with you all!


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  1. I just found your blog! I read all your entries and thought the were lovely. Life as a military family in a non-military town is a little strange indeed. :P Looking forward to when we can get our boys together again. I also wanted to ask you some questions about homeschooling!